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Warmest places in Europe this winter

It’s dark, gloomy, wet and cold here in Britain during the winter months, and our thoughts often turn to the bright, balmy summer months and where we’d like to go on our summer holidays. 

But wait a minute, wouldn’t you rather bag yourself some warm sunshine and, during these depressing months, sunbathe, swim in the sea and explore a new country when there won’t be as many tourists as the summer months? The biggest draw is also that you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get this - there are many islands in Europe that have the gorgeous, warm, sunny weather we so desire when it’s miserable here in the UK. 

Canary Islands

These cluster of volcanic islands have glorious weather all year round and do not disappoint during the winter. They sit just off the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, and have almost two hundred hours of sunshine during the winter months - that’s more than London has in the month of May! Temperatures are warm enough for you to sunbathe around the pool or on the beach, often ranging from late teens to early twenties, making it the perfect time for you to discover the islands through hiking and biking, without getting too hot and bothered. 


Another beautiful island is located off the west coast of Africa, widely known as one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Madeira can offer ten hours of sunshine a day during January and fewer tourists during the winter months. Temperatures range from mid teens to early twenties, and the sea temperature is around the eighteen-celsius mark. Although this sounds warm, it is all personal preference when it comes to feeling comfortable enough to swim at this temp.

Although Madeira sees most of its rainfall during winter, it’s not likely to be every day. You may experience a couple of day’s rainfall during your winter break but the temperature is still warm and pleasant. This temp allows you to explore the hillier side of the island to gain the best views on offer, with lots to discover.  


The ever popular Greek island of Crete is perfect for a winter getaway, situated in the Mediterranean Sea with temperatures averaging higher than fifteen celsius daily. Stick to the south coast of the island as this the warmest part during winter, but if you’d like venture up a tad higher into the country then you will see breathtaking snow capped mountains.

Experience the restaurants and shops, taste the traditional cuisine and really get to know the locals during this quieter time. It allows you to take in all the sights and sounds this gorgeous island has to offer without the hustle and bustle of summer months and its copious amounts of tourists.


Cyprus boasts some of the warmest and most consistent temperatures each day in winter out of all of Europe, with average temperatures around the twenty degrees celsius mark. You can guarantee lots of sunshine with very few showers, the perfect weather for those who don’t like the scorching temperatures on offer in Cyprus during the summer months.

The beaches are a delight at this time, with the sea temperature perfect for you to swim around Aphrodite’s Rock. Towns and attractions are a lot quieter at this time of year, with lots for you to discover. Plus, nothing closes for the winter months, so you have no excuse not to do and see all that you want to.

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