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Water skiing equipment, airline fees and policies

Water skiing has been a popular sport for decades, particularly for holiday makers as both a recreational hobby and a fun thrill ride to enjoy when overseas.

For those enthusiasts that carry their own equipment overseas, we've collated the baggage allowances from 12 major airlines as a guide to flying with your water skis.

Airline Is water skiing equipment accepted as part of the personal baggage allowance? What is the size restriction on water skiing equipment? What is the weight limit on water skiing equipment? Further information
Air France Water ski equipment (skis only) is considered a standard checked baggage item and is included at no extra charge in your baggage allowance. 300 cm / 118 in 23 kg / 50 lb If you would like to transport other baggage items in the hold and their number exceeds your authorised allowance, you must purchase an additional baggage allowance. To determine your baggage allowance amount, please read the information in the Checked baggage section.
American Airlines The following transportation charge applies to wakeboard / wave ski over 62in / 157cm (length + height + width): $150.  126in / 320cm  32kgs / 70lbs  
BMI Economy Flexible if within baggage allowance free.
If in excess £30

Economy fixed £30 fee

There are no size or dimension restrictionsr 32kg  
British Airways BA will accept Water ski equipment as checked bagged as long as they do not exceed weight limit of 23kg Up to 190cm (75in) 23kg  
Easyjet You will be charged an additional non-refundable fee for each item carried. Simply select the 'Sports equipment' option when you book your flights online. If your item is not listed it must be carried as part of your standard hold baggage allowance. There are no size or dimension restrictions Payment of the non-refundable sports equipment fee entitles you to an additional weight allowance of 20kg (small sports equipment) or 32kg (large sports equipment) and increases your checked in hold baggage allowance to a maximum of 40 or 52kg. A single item cannot weigh more than 32kg in total.  
Emirates Accepted as checked baggage and part of standard baggage allowance 300cm (118in) 30kg, Business Class travellers 40kg and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 50kg of checked baggage. A set of water ski equipment may consist of: one pair of standard water skis, or one slalom water ski
Flybe Carriage of Water Ski Equipment is on a stand-by basis. An Exceptional charge applies to Water Ski equipment. 300cm x 167cm x206cm  20kg Flybe are able to accept boards and sails
KLM You can bring Water Skiing equipment as part of your luggage.

For larger and/or heavier items you will need to pay a fee and you always need to reserve for transportation via KLM Telephone Reservations - as early as possible, but no later than 48 hours before departure.
Max. 158 cm / 62 in (l + w + h)   Max. 23 kg / 50.5 lbs in Economy Class
Max. 32 kg / 70.5 lbs in Business Class
Qantas Group Water Ski Equipment may not be able to be carried as checked baggage and will need to be sent as freight. Freight charges will apply. 277cm (109in)     32kg Water skis or slalom water ski must be suitably packed in a lightweight container.
Ryanair Sporting equipment is inherently unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating fast turnarounds however these items may be carried in the hold of the aircraft in addition to your personal checked baggage allowance upon payment of a discounted online fee of £50 per item, per one way flight when paid online or £60 when paid at the airport.

Any sporting item weighing over the 20 kilos allowance will be charged for the excess at the applicable excess baggage rate per kilo.

81cm x 119cms 20kg  
United A wave ski or a bag containing equipment used in wave skiing is subject to a $150 service charge (each way) for travel between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and $200 (each way) for international travel.   United Flights 115 inches (292cm)
United Express 80 inches (203cm)
N/A United Airlines will accept one wave ski, or one bag containing equipment used in wave skiing, checked as a special item.
The board must be well padded or the entire board must be encased in a suitable container to avoid scratching.
Virgin Atlantic Virgin will transport your ski or snowboard gear at no extra charge, in addition to your free baggage allowance - as long as it doesn't exceed 23kg.

Fee's when exceeding 23kg: £30 for UK Departure
$60 for US Departure
There are no size or dimension restrictions 23kg Here is what you can bring:

  •     One pair of Ski's
  •     Ski Boots
  •     Poles
  •     A mask or helmet


Date published 06/05/2014

All prices in the table are based on information provided by the airlines on the 6th May 2015.

If there are any airlines or information not included here that you would like to know more about, email us at and we'll include the most popular.

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