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Finding the world’s best unusual accommodation 

Most people stick to staying in generic hotels when embarking on their travels. However, if you’re after a more different adventure, here’s our round-up of some of the most unusual places you can stay around the world.

Sunborn London, England

The Sunborn takes the phrase ‘whatever floats your boat’ to a whole new level. A 5* super-yacht hotel, the Sunborn London is a 420 ft yacht currently sitting in the Royal Victoria Docks, and only minutes away from the Emirates Cable Car, the O2 Arena, and the Tower of London. The yacht is home to 136 luxurious rooms as well as a bar and swanky restaurant, and is a unique experience for travellers who think they have already seen it all.

Molja Lighthouse, Norway

The Molja Lighthouse is 150 years old and is located in Aalesund Harbour. The lighthouse’s interior was designed by a famed Norwegian architect and contains an upstairs bedroom and downstairs bathroom with picturesque views. The interior is an atmospheric infusion of Scandinavian rustic tradition and modern minimalism. Recent guests have commented that the lighthouse is “cosy and sturdy”, and recommend it for marriage proposals and anniversaries. 

Monbazillac Treehouse, France 

The Monbazillac Treehouse is a lavish wooden French château which stands tall among the oak and chestnut trees, and it even has a treetop hot tub! The treehouse comes equipped with one double bed, electric lights and heating, walk-in showers, as well as a minibar. If you want to do some ground-level exploration, there’s a shared swimming pool as well as an 11-hectare park which you can walk or cycle round. The treehouse is a majestic experience, and guests truly feel at one with nature.

Bali Eco Lodge, Indonesia

Dubbed a “Balinese paradise”, the Bali Eco Lodge is situated amongst rich green jungle and breathtaking waterfalls and mountains. Sustainability is at the heart of the lodge, with the facilities being hydroelectric, organic, and fairly sourced. The area is private, and a lush retreat away from the fast-paced world we now live in. From the lodge, you can go on seven walks, including a leisurely trek through the rice field as well as through the traditional local Indonesian villages. 

Kasbah du Toubkal, Atlas Mountains

40 miles from Marrakech, the Kasbah is an extraordinary exotic “hotel”, providing a comfortable sanctuary in a remote mountain location. There are 14 en-suite rooms with stunning views, a private steam bath, beautiful roof terrace, and a quiet garden. Guests can embark on mountain treks, enjoying a lunch break with spectacular sights from the top of the mountain followed by a comfy rest before completing the rest of the trek. 

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Palacio de Sal (the ‘Salt Palace’), is located on the Bolivian salt flats, and is built from salt (including the walls, floors and everything else!). The Palace is only 25km away from the city, and has 30 rooms. The hotel’s most impressive area is the 360-degree viewing point in the lobby staircase, where guests can experience the wonder of the Salar at night, with star-filled skies, incredible sunsets, and colour changing salt flats.


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